Space in External Id

I have to define an external Id in TN and the Id looks like “ABC XYZ”.
When I try to save the TN profile it says “It may not contain whitespace”.
Has anybody faced this before ?
Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Shubro,
Yes we have faced this problem where our customers had space in the external ID.webMethods has provided a fix for this .They asked us to add some dummy External ID (RequiredID in our case) without space while declaring External Id in the profile and then add the original Id(Duns etc) with Space so that the EDI Data gets recognized properly.
This way we were able to resolve the problem.
So the external ID’s in the profile should be (RequiredID ABCXYZ and then DUNS ABC XYZ).Hope this helps and if you need further clarification iam ready to help you.


Nice trick,thanks for sharing the info,it helps everyone…


Thanks Somu.
I looked up Advantage after I posted my question and this is what came up. wM hopes to correct this in the future I guess.

"Question about TN External ID’s [Closed Service Request Summary]
Article ID: SR-1-52695542 What is this?
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Last Updated: 7-Mar-2005

Customer Description
It seems to be impossible to define an external ID for a Trading Partner/Enterprise in Trading Networks containing white spaces/blanks. This might be due to the fact that it will create a webMethods Integration Server user ID having this value. At the Inland Revenue there is no need to create for each partner a webMethods Integration Server user-ID.
So the question is if it’s possible to configure webMethods in such a way that it allows white spaces/blanks in the external ID and it’s still possible to activate the Trading Partner.

webMethods Closure Summary
External IDs can contain spaces, just not the required ID, the one identified by the tn.required.idType property. tn.required.idType defaults to DUNS. As suggested in the description, this is because the required ID is also used as the IS user ID, which cannot contain spaces. Other TN external IDs can contain spaces.

Unfortunately, there is a one-to-one correspondence between TN partners and IS users. We hope to make this more flexible in a future release, but currently this is as it is.

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Trading Networks 6.1
Configuration "