TN processing Rule (select Sender/Receiver)

Hi all,
in procesing rule if i select sender and receiver then it does’t match to docuemnt, and if i select Any sender/ Any receiver then match and status will delived shows
what should i do for select sender/receiver,
Please give some solution.
waiting for response.



In your document type set up, how are the sender and receiver defined to be extracted? Do the identifiers in the document you submit match the identifiers of the partners you’re trying to match in the rule?

This is a basic facility of TN that is covered by the documentation. You may want to review the materials again.


Is your procesing rule matching the sende/receiver criteria that is being extracted from that defined in Documenttype section (ExternalID selection)?

Please make sure your document is having the correctid’s so upon that when you select appropriate sender/receiver (from profiles) in the rule definition.

I agree with Rob’s comments,please check it