TN EDI/X12 Missing Attributes in Document Details

WebMethods 6.5
I am recieving (inbound) EDI 850 and 860 same sender/receiver id
We are set up to process EDI at the Envelope level.
It is not properly selecting the processing rule it stops at the first sender reciever processing rule and ignore Extended Criteria
Transaction Analysis shows the Attribute EDI GroupType is null
I can see the data in the GS so it SHOULD NOT be null in Attribute section

Any idea how I can get that field populated so I can use Extended Criteria to assist in getting this to the proper process.

Thanks in Advance

It will be null since deenveloping will not have occurred and therefore TN has no idea what the group (or groups) is yet.

If you need to fire rules based on group, you’ll need to process at a lower level.

I was really afraid you were going to say that.

If you process at a lower level do ALL of your transactions need to be processed at that level?

You can vary the splitting level based on sender and/or receiver. But from there it’s all or nothing.

Is there a concern about letting TN do the splitting for you? I’d be somewhat surprised if the docs in a given group or interchange really need to be processed as an atomic set.