Controlling Group Level document in the processing Rule

We receive EDI documents in the TN. For each ISA, X12 Group and X12 Envelope documents are created in TN. We are not breaking into ST level.

I need to process the X12 Group document only when the Envelope level document has a system/users status other than ‘ERROR’. The error status arises in the Envelope for a number of reasons like non-uniquenss of ISA control numbers, segment count errors, etc,. From the group level Bizdoc, I am able to identify the parent Bizdoc using document and group IDs. However, at the time, the TN creates a group Bizdoc, the Envelope Bizdoc is not yet created in TN and hence I am not able to query TN for the real status of the particular Envelope document.

This is what I noticed. The TN breaks the EDI inbound documents in the following time scale.Creates the STs first, then the Group and finally the Envelope. Is there anyway, I can set the TN to start creating the documents in the reverse order so that the parent document(X12 Envelope) is available in TN at the time of accessing the child document(X12 Group).

Hope I have have not confused anyone. Please suggest any alternative approach that you may know to control the group level processing based on the status of Envelope document

Btw, I am using wM 6.0.1.

Thanks in advance.