Parsing edi in TN

When an edi doc is submitted to TN, it Parses the document into its constituent elements: the interchange envelope(s), the group envelope(s), and the individual transaction set(s) and all of them are submitted to TN again. Is there a out of the box way that i can restrict the parsing to interchange level only so that all other group and transatction level docs are not submitted to TN ?


I believe there is no way to restrict group and transaction set not to persist in TN,since TN will treat all these set of interchanges as one group and use to validate envelope along with transaction set.

But might be a way to accomplish your issue,it might be out of box.


What would be the need to do that?

Not in 4.6. But you can have rule not persist the content of the X12 Group and/or X12 NNNN YYY transaction set. But the bizdoc envelope still gets created in the TN DB.

We have it configured to not persist the group content. We persist the interchange and transaction sets and have separate rules for each. The rule for the interchange does the 997 generation while the transaction set rule does the processing of the 810, 850, etc. for translation and sending to wherever.

I believe the wM6 EDITPA provides the ability to specify how far down to split an EDI doc and what to do with each of the pieces.


Another option would be to create a processing rule that calls a service to delete the document. Have to be very careful that you don’t lose documents that you care about though.

Here is an approach

1)Create a processing rule for Transaction Set and in the pre-processing action, check “Do not save in DB”. This will restrict Transaction Set docs to persist in TN DB. I wonder the same doesn’t work for Group level doc ??
2)To restrict Group level doc, created a processing rule that deletes the doc from TN DB