TN Parsing of EDI Message

I understand how TN parses EDI messages into separate documents for each ISA/ISE, GS/GE, and ST/SE pair and resubmits them individually to My question is, if I send multiple ST/SE pairs within the same ISA envelope, is there a way to have TN regroup the message prior to submitting it to the VAN.

I currently submit 4 ST/SE pairs within one ISA segment to TN. When TN sends the documents to the VAN, it sends them as 4 distinct ISA segments. This seems somewhat inefficient to me and I am concerned that the trading partners might complain.

This can/should be controlled with processing rules. Instead of setting up the rule at the transaction set level for outbound docs, set up a rule for the X12 envelope based on sender and recipient. If it’s from you and to them, deliver it. The individual outbound docs should have rules to ignore them.

You do the reverse on inbound docs. Set up a rule to ignore the X12 envelope (or pass it to a service to generate a 997) and set up rules at the transaction set level to work with them one at a time.

Hope this helps.