Not Receiving X12 envelope Doc in TN Analysis

We are using EDINT to receive EDI Doc , and we have set the Payload option
to true to further process the EDI doc . But in TN Analysis we are receiving the
X12 Group and X12 4010 850 (sender Receiver acurately identified)only , not the X12 Envelope , we are using the default .
We have sender as DUNS and Receiver as Mutually Defined . They are same at group level as well as ISA level.
sender as DUNS : 01 123456789 (Sample)
Receiver as Mutually Defined : ZZ ABC (Sample)
Defined one profile in TN for sender and other for receiver using the above ids
Can someone help in identifying why the X12 Envelope is not received

Might there be a rule for X12 Envelope that indicates that the content is not to be saved? Just a wild guess…

hi Reamon ,

There is no such Rule indicating ,that content should not be saved .