TLS1.2 for FTPs connection

Hi - Is there a workaround in wM 9.5 and wM 9.8 for TLS1.2 for FTPs connection since these version do not support them currently?

Hi Hemachandra.

as long as these wM versions are not aware of Java 7 and JSSE support there will be no hope for this feature.

Beginning with 9.5 there is built in support for SFTP which uses SSH protocol in behind which should be able to use JSSE.
Remember to apply the appropriate Fixes, which are updating the JSCH library which is used by this feature.


Hi Holger,

I was looking for support for FTPs and not SFTP.
However SoftwareAG clarified that TLS1.2 over FTPs is supported only from v9.10 onwards.