Enable TLS 1.2 in Applinx 9.9 server

In order to connect to Mainframes from Applinx9.9 server, we use Non-SSL port. As the mainframes team is disabling all old ssl/tls protocols and moving on to TLS1.2 at their end, we wanted to enable only TLS1.2 in ApplinX9.9 server so that all the connections from ApplinX server should be using only use TLS1.2 protocol to talk to Mainframes server.

We enabled Security in Host Configurations and imported the mainframes Certificate, still all the connections were going with TLS 1.0 at mainframes side by default. Could you please help us enable only TLS1.2 in ApplinX9.9 server so that the ApplinX connections should land on TLS1.2 at mainframes side?


This should be handled through the Support channel. We will need to make a product modification to support this.
It should be an easy fix, you should get a new Test Patch within a couple of days.