MFT not returning error for file transfer failure

Hello Everyone,
In my current organization we use the concept of SFTP tunneling through MFT VFS for file transfers to target SFTP servers. Where in file transfers are initiated from Integration Server (IS) through pub.client.sftp:put and files transferred to target SFTP servers through MFT VFS folders (configured with target SFTP server/folder details).

Currently we are facing an issue where in file transfer failure is not returning an error back to IS. Even though we can clearly see in File transactions (MWS) that transaction has failed but the calling IS service getting completed with a success status.

Any idea if the issue is with SAF MFT product or any additional steps needs to be taken care.

Note: In the code, we are branching on returnCode from the pub.client.sftp:put service anything other than ‘0’ return code is considered as failure.

Thanks in advance for the inputs

Hi Rajesh,

In general MFT server sends back the error notification to client whenever there is any transfer failure. We do not know any know issue around this. Are you transferring files to ATS or the Gateway server? Can you try similar upload (that fails) from any other client like WinSCP. If this client gets an error notification, you might have to check you IS service.


Hi Bhaskar,

Thanks for your quick reply, in this case the files are being transferred to ATS. SFTP server alias on IS is pointing to Active Transfer server details. From IS perspective its transferring files to Active Transfer. For IS VFS configured on MFT is end destination. Below is the flow

IS (sftp:put) --> Server Alias (Active Transfer Server) --> VFS (configured on MWS)–> Target SFTP server.

The issue currently occurring on MFT is “SFTP Channel Close Timeout. The channel unexpectedly terminated”. Its difficult to replicate the issue locally.

Hi Rajesh,

might it be possible (if allowed by Firewalls) to connect to the target SFTP-Server directly from the IS?
Just to check connectivity.

Can you check if there any Fixes applied to IS, ATS and MWS which are related to an updated JCraft SCh library?


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response. Its not about the connectivity issue as the code is in prod from many months and out of thousands of transactions we have seen only three failures with the mentioned connectivity issue. But the main issue is MFT doesnt return any error code to calling service when file transfer fails.

I will check the fixes but can you elaborate bit more on the need to check fixes for JCraft Sch library?

Hi Rajesh,

the JCraft SCh lib is a bundled java lib (jcsch.jar) used for the SFTP transport.
The Fixes for this are part of the SharedComponent (SCG)- and/or ThirdParty (i.e. TPS) -Fix-Groups and are provided by SAG via UpdateManager.