SFTP using Key

Good Day,
We are able to successfully connect to a SFTP server over port 22 using password. Trying to connect with key is not working. We created the public and private key using ssh-keygen. For the MFT configuration, I added the “Private Key Path” which is the key created today. I loaded the matching public key to the SFTP server. Is there anything else that needs to be configured for MFT to use the key?

Below are the log messages I see in ActiveTransfer.log

[MFT.LOG.0008] INFO: [:549435724] Connecting to:sftp-server.com:22
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:KEY_EXCHANGE_INIT|
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:HOSTKEY_RECEIVED|
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:HOSTKEY_ACCEPTED
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:KEY_EXCHANGE_COMPLETE|
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:USERAUTH_FAILURE
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:AUTHENTICATION_METHODS_RECEIVED|
[MFT.LOG.2220] INFO: [:549435724] Using SSH key:s/enttst/mft/certificates/id_rsa
[MFT.LOG.2236] INFO: [:549435724] SFTP client-server interaction:USERAUTH_FAILURE

Hi Jack,

please provide your wM Version with applied Fixes.

There have been some IS_Core- and SCG-Fixes dealing with Issues when connecting to SFTP-Servers.


Hello Holger,

Here is information. Overall, we are on WM 9.6. Specifically for MFT,
Build Date: 2016-06-08
Fix: MAT_9.6_MWS_Fix23
Installed Fixes: MAT_9.6_MWS_Fix23

Hi Jack,

you should sonsider applying IS_9.6_Core_Fix11 and SCG_9.6_TPL_Fix4 your Installation.

Latest Fix for ActiveTransfer 9.6 is Fix 24.

Please make sure, that you have applied both Fixes for ActiveTransfer (Server and MWS) with the same level.
Additionally check for the required Fixes mentioned in the Readmes, i.e.:

  • DC_9.6_DBS_Fix10
  • MWS_9.6_Fix14


Will applying these fixes “fix” the SFTP issue?

Hi Jack,

as I am currently not using ActiveTransfer/MFT, I can not tell for sure.

But It might be worth a try.

Otherwise ask Support to confirm.


I have a ticket open for their support to assist.