SFTP in 9.8

Can someone point me to any documents on using SFTP in 9.8. I’ve finally connected using keys, which webmethods doesn’t seem to like keys generated using ssh-kegen (tells you the private keys are invalid). doesn’t like keys generated in putty (doesn’t link the keys when testing, auth fail error (not the jsch error))

I’ve used the old community version of sftp on 6+
This version on 9.8 makes zero sense and I cant find documents anywhere.
My big problems. Using the get or ls. If I cd to the directory I need to get the file first. the ls or get tells me file “ls” not found or file “get” not found.
The setup for both calls seem to be missing variables (like filename)
I searched up and down and just not finding answers, so any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mark,

for the service take a look at Built-In Services Guide available from Empower or TechCommunity Documentation Area.

For the configuration of the Server and User Aliases take a look at the IntegrationServer Administrators Guide, chapter 15 (Configuring Integration Server to Connect to an SFTP Server).

We are running SFTP on 9.5 currently with both authentication modes (password and public key) without problems.

Please apply SCG_9.8_TPL_Fix2:

Integration Server acting as an SFTP client faces issues while
attempting to connect to an SFTP server.

When attempting to connect to an SFTP server, Integration 
Server acting as an SFTP client issues the following error:
[ISS.0147.9010] Cannot get host key from server [host_X]:22.
Details: com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Algorithm 
negotiation fail
This issue occurs because there is no common key exchange 
algorithm between the SFTP client and SFTP server.


Thank you Holger,
I’m only left having problems with running the services, which seem to be missing input fields. Shouldn’t ls contain more then path and sessionKey? Like pattern or filename. If I ls prior to a successful cd it works. after a cd “Error while executing command ‘ls’: No such file”. Maybe the fix corrects this… SoftwareAG said they had another fix do on the 17th, so we were waiting to apply the other fix patch.

Yes I echo with Holger please review the resouce documentation available online and yes we used with 9.7 (both password and keys based sFTP) no issues ofcourse as long as you have up to date fixes to make sure connectivity works!


Think I got it. Thanks. Need to just use path as pattern. Sorry for the trouble and but thanks for the help. Searching for the right docs never seems to work for me for some reason. I just spend hours not finding my info.

Not a problem you have all the info now :smiley: