Public key - Private key

Hi All,

We need to generate private key from our server( from which we will be transferring the file) using which public key will be generated by another team. This public-private key pair is used for SSH authentcation which is 2 factor authentication(password and public-private key). We will be using puttyGen to generate the private key.

Please let me know the setting I need to create or modify in Integration server(Settings > SFTP > User Alias Settings) to achieve this 2 factor authentication. Do we need to setup any keystore/truststore settings. Currently we are using only "password " authentication in Settings > SFTP > User Alias Settings. We are getting authentication error even-though the username and password is matching.


Hi Manjunatta,

can you provide the complete error message please?

You should try to use SSH-key-based authentication then instead of user & password.

Unfortunately IS does not support using both types together out of the box.

This question was already discussed here some months ago, you might want to search the forums for this.