The most weird bug i have ever got on any platform

I have normally logged into my softwareag cloud and have opened my Commulocity. The bug is that it dosent logs me in and keeps giving me error called Full authorization is required. If i use my username and password then its gives me a bad credential error after logging me in. I don’t know if it is a bug or intended functionality. I have never seen such stuff.

I would be able to help you, @srujankolli . There are two user repositories while using a Cumulocity free trial. One is via Software AG Cloud and one is via Cumulocity itself. A few things to try - log out of Cumulocity. Ignore this login screen, and login to Software AG Cloud directly - the link is in your welcome email. From My Cloud, click on Open in the Cumulocity panel and it should take you right there. My email is, please contact me with your work email, if you still have problems signing in.

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