the database could not be found!

I installed tamino server in some machine,and there are some complicated problems occured.

I open the tamino manager,and select “databases”–>“create database”—>(waited for the operation completely)—>“start database”—>(waited for the success info)

they were all ok.

but,when I open schema edit and try to connect to the server,I can not connect to it…
and also try other ways:tamino client API,interface tools… all failed.

normally,when I first install a tamino to a new machine,this problem comes often.

though,after install-reinstall the server a few times,maybe it can work…

I just feel surprise that why this problem comes so frequent?and I havn’t a good solution to solve it.

In our machine,there are usually some softeware installed such as:JDK1.3.1,JBuilder,Tomcat,Apache etc.

I am a Java NewComer.

Error contacting Tamino: com.softwareag.tamino.API.dom.TaminoError: TaminoError[8400] Error open HttpUrlConnection (Connection refused: connect)

I am a Java NewComer.

Is the web server (Apache) started?

Can I use Tomcat-Apache instead?

I run it in console mode… -_-!

I am a Java NewComer.

To be able to access Tamino you need a webserver which can be one of the following:
- Apache 1.3.x
- Microsoft IIS
- iPlanet
For whichever webserver you choose a module must be installed and the webserver configured to load the module so that it understands that /tamino/… must be routed through the module. The module is then responsible for communicating with the particular Tamino database itself.

Because a special module is needed to do this job the chosen webserver is restricted to the above list. Tomcat does not support plugable modules so it is not supported for accessing Tamino. Of course you can use Tomcat and Apache together.


thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I am a Java NewComer.