Terraccotta Server Array URLs

Hi Folks,

As part of my learning curve, I am trying out distributed caching in my local box. I have installed most of the wM components successfully and tried out couple of development and admin experiments. No looking forward to try out distributed caching by setting up cache manager in IS. When I try to add new cache manager, I get below the error

java.io.IOException: java.net.ConnectException:localhost:9710: Connection refused: connect

Cache Manager Configuration in IS :
Name: localcache
Terracotta Server Array URLs - localhost:9710
Rejoin - Check box ticked

tc-config.xml - PFA
path: F:\SAG9.12\Terracotta\server\bin


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<tc:tc-config xmlns:tc=“http://www.terracotta.org/config


localhost-data localhost-logs localhost-statistics 9710 9730 9750 temporary-swap-only %(com.softwareag.tc.client.logs.directory)

Can some one help me out providing the right way of approach here ??
tc-config.xml (918 Bytes)

Adding note to the above post

I have valid Terraccotta license-key.xml
Provided the full path of the license key xml in IS and restarted the IS


Have you restarted your terracotta server successfully?
Is it showing online in TMC?

One more thing… I don’t see any TSA port in your config. Is it require to listen the client traffic

@Yogesh Bhandari - Terracotta server is not coming up actually. Invoking startup.bat script to start terracotta

Hi Girish,

I am assuming you have placed terracotta license file in two place.
Under terracotta server and /common/conf directory

And you have provided TSA port in config file.

If yes and still you are facing error while starting server the pls attach terracotta server log file here.