Clustering of IS 9.10 with Terracotta server array

I am trying to put 2 IS running version 9.10 into cluster.
I have 2 Terracotta server installed on same machines.
Configuration file of Terra cotta server attached.

When I restart IS2, it goes into cluster,

But IS1 is refusing to enter cluster. It says…
Unable to create or join the cluster. Check the clustering configuration and Error Logs for more information.

How to get IS1 and IS2 into cluster?
Complete error log w.r.t. IS2 is aattached.

IS01_Error.txt (31.6 KB)
tc-config.xml (1.48 KB)

From the error message…Looks like you haven’t place terracotta license file.

Pls place license file in terracotta server directory and /ISInstallDir/common/config/ directory.

But even in IS02, which has come up, I do not see a terracotta-license.key in the location - /opt/softwareag/common/conf/

Hi Yogesh,

I just realized it you.
I put the license from another location in the complaining location and issue resolved.



That is i am not sure how your IS is setup and configured.

But if you see the error message… it is looking for license file.

java.lang.RuntimeException: org.terracotta.license.LicenseException: License key file /opt/softwareag/common/conf/terracotta-license.key does not exist or cannot be read