webmethods not starting up because of the wrong Terracotta URL while configuring Cluster

While configuring IS Cluster, By mistake I have given the wrong URL.

Now when I try to startup IS, Integration Server doesn’t startup because IS is not able to find the Terracotta Cache URL specified in cluster.

I replaced all the config files from backup which doesn’t even have any cluster/cache server information. when I restart the IS, config files are getting updated with the wrong Terrocotta URL (Terracotta cache URL) specified by me before.

How can I startup and remove the Cluster configuration on IS? Why is the config files overwritten with the TerracottaURL when I restart the cluster? where is the cluster information stored?

Share the error logs here.

Also did you try putting the right host and port in tc-config.xml or ehcache.xml at \Terracotta\server\wrapper\conf

I will attach the logs soon.

But Can someone explain why the config files under configuration folders are over-written when I restart the IS?

I manually went into each config by updating the Terracotta hostName. but when I start the IS, all these config files are getting the old Terracotta HostName.

Where is the cluster information stored(in addition to the config files)?