Task Scheduler Error


I’m having problems with NEE Task Scheduler, so I need help. There are four different errors.

The first two errors occur when the time scheduled is reached. You can see the error messages in the attached file named “Erro 1” and “Erro 2”.

The other ones occur in other installation (other computer), when I click on Initiate button. You can see the error messages in the attached file named “Erro 3” and “Erro 4”. The second message appears few seconds after the first.

Thanks a lot.


Let’s deal with the installation errors.

Basically, I assume you upgraded NAT611 to NAT62.

Natural leaves a bit of stuff around which fools the NEE installation into thinking that it is still around.

Check the SAG.INI file and remove the [NATURAL-6.1.1] section.

Installation should then proceed correctly.

SAG.INI file normally located in:

c:\program files\common files\software ag




Sorry, re-read it again.

Error 1 & 2.

It is looking for
PROD_API=C:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural\6.2\Bin\natprd32.dll

in the
section of the SAG.INI file.

I assume this has changed with NAT 6.2.1 and/or NAT 6.2.2

Try to add this line pointing the directory to the locatio of where the natural.exe exists.

This should let the tasks find natural and initiate.


Thanks a lot, Brian.
I made the changes on SAG.INI file and the errors 1 & 2 disappeared.

How about the errors 3 & 4? They’re still happening.
I can add tasks with no problems but when a click on the Initiate button or invoke GenSched directly from the BIN folder, those errors pop-up on my screen.

Could you please help me?


You need NEE541 SP1. for an updated version of GENSCHED.EXE which caters for the changes made by Natural to the INI files.

This is due out shortly.

If you need an interim update, please contact you support team.