Natural 6.3 windows problems.

Hi forum-members,

We have a issue when we install the Natural 6.3 Windows version and we do the upgrade from 5.1.1.

We exaclty have two problems:
1.- We can not edit the programs due to we find the error 80 ( invalid program name).
2.- We we create a new object we can not save, no stow, because we find enable the OK Button.


Is it only for object names with special characters ?

  • if yes it might be because the installation has not reused the natconv.ini file that contains the customized valid characters for object names.
    And the default only allows English characters!

As far as I remember the structure of natconv.ini in 5.1. and 6.3 is the same, so you should be able to copy the old one into the \etc directory for 6.3.

Not only with special caracteres, in fact is with all programs that S-AG imported us. Regarding the second point i meant that the button is disable.


Can you save (etc.) programs to a newly created library, one which was not “imported” ?

I think that Finn is on the right track, as I have seen something like this before.

At one point I had created multiple FUsers and FNats in order to test different Natural versions or create multiple Natural instances (I don’t remember all the specifics). In Natural Studio, I could see a folder for each FUser and FNat, but only one pair had a “green disk” attached, indicating that it was the active pair. I could open libraries and list objects from the inactive files, but I could perform maintenance only on the two active files.

Miguel, verify that the active FUser is the one that you are trying to maintain. If not, use the Configuration Utility to make corrections to your configuration file.