Unable to save the Natural Source Code_NAT6112


Have installed Natural Software AG version 6.1.1 on my PC (Operating System - Windows XP). Coded a small program and tried saving it in library SYSTEM/new user defined library but could’nt able to do that. Got the following error message on browser and stops the process there.

“NAT6112 - The library is empty”

Message is self explanatory but not sure how to get rid of this error.
Does natural libraries expect any information to be available before creation of objects ?

Kindly request the group to help me on this issue.
Thanks in advance,

If you do a search on Servline24 you will find this entry regarding Nat6112
saying that the cause might be access right to the file-system ?!

Error Numbers:

The FUSER libraries are on a File Server.

Attempting to save a program in this library fails with error message “NAT6112 This library is empty”.

After closing and reopening Natural Studio, the library has disappeared.

This error “NAT6112 This library is empty” is reproducible with a User that has only read permissions for the FUSER.


To create a library is it necessary that the user have read and write permission (the best is full control) for the FUSER file.

Thank you!! Finn for the clue.

Well, am checking to find out about my read/write access to system file FUSER.

At the moment, have seen system files information under Tools on top menu bar. It doesn’t show any access related.

Any advice on locating the access related information for the fuser file ?

Thanks a lot, Sunil

This is a Windows permission issue, not Natural permissions. As the programming objects are written to the local file system, you need to have read/write permissions from the operating system: check your Windows permissions to C:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural\Natapps\Fuser

Thank you so much Douglas.
As advised, I am able to locate the issue now. Doesn’t have write access to ‘C:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural\Natapps\Fuser’.