NAT0082 Invalid command, or :1: :2: does not exist in librar

HI! this is
NAT0082 Invalid command, or :1: :2: does not exist in library.
why? :oops:

Nat0082 just indicates that the command you have specified is not a program or a command. It could also be a module that a program calls is not in the natural steplib (similar to path).


It’s very similar to this in MS-DOS:

‘x’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

We are getting it in NAtural Studio but only on ONE mainframe defined Natural library…

NAT0082 Invalid command, or :1: :2: does not exist in library.

I did check the Natural Security definitions on the Unix platform but on SPOD , I get this error… Let me check again


If your programs do not trap the error with ON ERROR you should get the useful information represented by :1: and :2:
You can also use USR2030 within on error processing to get those values and report them.
USR0120 (message text) and USR2001 (’*error-program’) are also useful in that context.


I found the problem: We could not SAVE in a Natural Library defined on a UNIX platform. Nobody could and I first checked Natural Security to make sure there is no limitation in Natural Security

The problem was the UNIX security bits settings for the FUSER Directory.

Apparently, these UNIX security bits for the Directory are set when the first guy creates the Natural Library and when anybody else wants to use the same Natural Library, you get a FAILURE from Unix on a create/update/execute in the Natural library.

What Natural Directory am I talking about ?


Note: I can not trap this error because it happens outside a USER Natural program. Happened on a SAVE/CAT/STOW or a SPOD copy/paste