NaturalOne 8.2 CE error message NAT0082

Dear Sirs,

I installed NaturalONE CE 8.2 in my Windows 8 in the compatibility mode and it was all OK.

I created a new project MyTravel in agreement with the instructions of the Tutorial NaturalONE - How you set-up the NaturalONE project?

I followed steps below from 1 to the 24.

In the step 25, (You are now ready to run the program you wrote. In order to do so, right click MYTVLP01

and choose NaturalONE->Execute)

I choosed EXECUTE and I received the following message:

NAT0082 Invalid Command or Object MYTRVLP1 do not exist in library” [b]

I would like you to inform why this message means because the object MYTRVLP1 exists in library MYTRVLIB.

(C:\Users\Erasmo\workspace824\MyTravel\Natural-Libraries\MYTRVLIB\SRC )

Please, see the PrintScreen .doc file attached.

Thanks a lot,

Erasmo Guimarães
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  1. Activate the NaturalONE perspective. In the Navigator view, click the right mouse button and choose:
    New-> Natural Project.

  2. Type: „MyTravel“ in the text box labeled Project and then click the Finish button.

  3. Notice that the new project you just defined appears in the Navigator view.
    Click on the ‘+’ sign to the left of: MyTravel->natural-runtime(n) to see the contents of the new project.

  4. Notice the basic components of every NaturalONE Project that were created automatically.
    Later on in the tutorial, you will see more new components, be sure not to delete any of the basic

  5. Right-Click on the ‘-’ sign to the left of: MyTravel Project
    ->natural-runtime(n) and choose: New-> Natural Library.

  6. Type: „MYTRVLIB“ in the text box labeled Library and click the Finish button.

  7. Click on the ‘+’ sign to the left of: Natural-Libraries

  8. Notice the new library MYTRVLIB that you just created.
    Click on the ‘+’ sign to the left of: MYTRVLIB and notice the three folders that were created: ERR, RES and SRC.

  9. In order to create a program: Right Click on SRC and choose: New->Program.

  10. Type „MYTRVLP1“ in the box labeled Object Name and click Finish.

  11. The Program MYTRLVP1 has been created and is now opened within the editor.
    Notice the remarks at the beginning of the source.
    Press Enter after the word here at the end of the line:
    /* TODO: Enter your code here in order to insert a blank line.

  12. Press Ctrl+Space to get NaturalONE’s code assist to complete the command.
    Type “DEF“ and choose DEFINE. Then press Enter.

13 Create one space after the word DEFINE and press Ctrl+Space. Then choose DATA and press Enter.

  1. Repeat the same to choose Local.

  2. Copy the following code on the next line following
    2 NAME


  1. You can see little red error markers to the left of your source code.
    This is because you are referencing the Employeesfile in your code.
    To resolve the reference, NaturalONE requires the existence of a DDM (Data Definition Module) in the
    same Natural Library as our program.
    We will copy that DDM from the Travel sample. For this the Travel Sample must be available.
    If the Travelproject already exists in your Navigator view, you can directly skip to step 1.19.
    If not then choose: Help Welcome.

  2. Click on Samples.

  3. You now see a few samples that are available:

  4. Click on: Travel approval application.

  5. Close the Welcome tab, by clicking on the ’x’.

  6. Select/Open the project Travel.
    Then expand to: Travel->Natural-Libraries->Travel->SRC and locate EMPLOYEE.NSD(EMPLOYEES).

  7. Copy (or Drag & Drop) EMPLOYEE.NSD to MyTravel->Natural-Libraries->SRC.

  8. Click on the ‘+’ sign to the left of Travel->natural-runtime(n) to collapse the Travel project.

  9. Save the program you just wrote by clicking on the symbol in the toolbar.

  10. You are now ready to run the program you wrote. In order to do so, right click MYTVLP01
    and choose NaturalONE->Execute
    Print Screen NAT0082.docx (191 KB)

I could be wrong, since I don’t have NaturalOne here to check this and the used terms might be different, but in ‘normal’ Natural for Windows (or any other Natural I know of) you cannot EXECUTE a program if you don’t STOW it first (the STOW command will create an executable file). I didn’t see any STOW step in your list, so I assume that all you have at the moment is the saved source code but no executable yet. So you have two options, either open the program and RUN it (see menu bar RUN; this will ‘compile’ it and run) or STOW it first and then execute.


For ONE, SAG did not adapt Eclipse to Natural, they adapted Natural to Eclipse. That is, ONE is based on Eclipse, so things are done the Eclipse way.

Natural commands, such as STOW, CAT, UNCAT, and RUN, do not exist in ONE, because they do not exist in Eclipse. Under other platforms Natural uses these commands to create and maintain an executable for each programming object. In Eclipse you create a single executable from a collection of objects - a Project.

To create an executable for MYTRVLP1, you need to BUILD the project. Conceptually the BUILD command acts like Natural’s CATALL.


More precisely, Build and update commands generate the STOW command and Upload command generate a save command.

You have the possibility to check it in the console view.

best regards

I don’t know why I don’t see that on my console, but are you referring to Upload and Build on a Natural Server? A mainframe/LUW server would need the STOW, SAVE, etc., whereas Community Edition doesn’t allow access to a server.

I’m using the full edition.

There are several console (…) did you open the Natural builder console ?

Please, find enclosed some screens of my test. I use the local runtime, but it’s the same for natural server (Mainframe)

Best regards
Doc1.doc (110 KB)