NaturalOne CE under W7 Ultimate, run and stow not allowed

Hello everybody.
I installed NaturalOne CE in Windows 7 Ultimate without apparent problems but I can’t stow or run.
Can help me someone?
Many thanks in advance.

Assuming the installation really ran through without issues, did you set up the environment
correctly and probably follow the HOW-TOs on the “gettig started” section

for example


Wolfgang, thanks for your quick answer.
I know that I do something wrong but I do not know what.
I followed all the steps of the tutorial, clicking Execute, error occurs:

To avoid problems with Adabas have left the program with
WRITE ‘Hello’
Then , I try to Execute it and the same error occurs.
If you can help would be very grateful.

Wolfgang, sorry the error was:
NAT0082 Invalid command, or Object MYTRVLP1 does not exist in library

NaturalONE is based on Eclipse, where CAT, STOW, and RUN are not supported. Use the BUILD command to create the executable object

OK Ralph and Wolfgang , program works fine now,
Thans a lot.