First execution unsuccessfully

I have installed naturalone.
I have written my first ‘hello world’ program.
When I exec it I have got an error message I I show you. Please, write me how solve the problem.
I have a VirtualBox last version installed in my Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra.
Redhat and naturalone testing.
I show you attached pictures.

Drill down from MyProject to the HELLO program (see attachment). From the context menu, highlight Run As and then click 1 Natural Application.

I got the same error.
I show you images about.
That’s the default installation.

Default natural server configuration

NaturalONE Community Edition does not support Natural Development Server. All development and testing must occur on your local host.

There is no need to adjust your Run Configuration.

The % decorations on you program objects indicate that you have made code changes but not yet compiled them (via BUILD, STOW, or UPDATE commands). Compile your programs before you retry Run As → Natural Application

I can’t update/stow the program.

I can’t exec program