NaturalONE Community Edition: Error when running Hello World Sample Application

Hello everybody,

I downloaded and installed the NaturalONE Community Edition Version 9.2.1 on my Windows 10 laptop.I also downloaded the actual container versions of ADABAS and the NATURAL runtime and they are up and running.

I can started the Software AG Designer and configured the runtime host and port as per documentation. In the welcome dialogue I selected the Hello World sample application.

I updated the project and as per output it seems to have been successful. Here is the output from the update:

[18:40:39.134] Starting ‘Update’…
[18:40:39.135] Updating objects of Natural project ‘NaturalONE Hello World Sample Application’
[18:40:39.135] Connecting to server…done
[18:40:40.242] Logon to library ‘SAMP4ONE’…done
[18:40:40.258] Setting library search order: SAMP4ONE…done
[18:40:40.260] Stowing data definition module ‘SAMP4ONE/EMPLOYEES’…done
[18:40:40.266] Stowing adapter ‘SAMP4ONE/GET-EM-A’…done
[18:40:40.271] Stowing adapter ‘SAMP4ONE/HELLO-A’…done
[18:40:40.276] Stowing subprogram ‘SAMP4ONE/EMP-GET’…done
[18:40:40.281] Stowing program ‘SAMP4ONE/GET-EM-P’…done
[18:40:40.286] Stowing program ‘SAMP4ONE/HELLO-P’…done
[18:40:40.299] Retrieve LASTMSG…
[18:40:40.299] …finished
[18:40:40.299] Disconnecting from server…done
[18:40:41.447] Finished.

Then I tried to run the programs GET-EM-P.NSP and HELLO-P.NSP as Natural Application.
But in both cases I get this error:

The console output for the run as attempt is as follows:

[18:45:31.639] Natural Runtime proxy started
[18:45:31.639] session parameters:
[18:45:32.744] Logon to Library SAMP4ONE
[18:45:32.759] pass server configuration (natparm):
[18:45:32.759] SF=1 IM=D
[18:45:32.759] LT=99999999 MCPU=60 PAGEDATASET=50
[18:45:32.760] CF=% DC=. IA== ID=, THSEPCH=,
[18:45:32.760] ZD=ON REINP=ON
[18:45:32.760] EDTBPSIZE=1048575
[18:45:32.760] Codepage=
[18:45:32.762] pass server configuration (sysvar):
[18:45:32.762] language (ULANG)= 1
[18:45:32.767] Ndv server Web I/O version 4020101
[18:45:32.767] new connection to Ndv Server ( - 2700 id=1517965926) established
[18:45:32.767] Application starting…
[18:45:32.768] pass Steplibs:
[18:45:32.768] SAMP4ONE
[18:45:32.773] execute command HELLO-P
[18:45:32.773] executing command/program
[18:45:32.774] Natural I/O timeout: 30sec
[18:45:32.774] Natural I/O port: 3500
[18:45:32.774] send event START_IO
[18:45:33.330] open Natural I/O socket Socket[addr=/,port=56545,localport=3500]
[18:45:33.330] send page to Application server (223 bytes)

I searched for ‘regenerate layout definitions’ in different patterns in Google and in this forum, but I could not find anything. I also did not encounter this error message before, so I hope it is ok if I open a new topic here.
Any advice on this matter will be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Update to my post:
After the failed run, an empty I/O view is opened. If I close that view, the following error message shows up:

In the editor window for the program Hello-P the following line is marked:

So, it seems there is some sort of incompatibility in respect of the component HELLO-A.
The edited source of HELLO-A looks like this:

Just to make it complete, I enclose a snapshot of the navigator view, also:

As far as I see, the problem concerns Ajax stuff, which I must admit, I do not know anything about.
So, any help on this will be very much appreciated!

Best Regards,

Hi Gordon,

Could you please try the following:

Right-click on the samplecomponents folder
In the context menu click on Ajax Developer
Click on Rebuild

Start the program again. Does it work now?

Best Regards,

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Hi Christine,

yes, your suggestion is the solution! Runs perfectly, now.
Thank you very much for your efforts. Very much appreciated.


Hi Gordon,
Great! Thanks for the success info.

Best Regards,

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