Error after trying to run Hello World example Application

I get this error after trying to run the Hello World application:

Plug-in com.softwareag.naturalone.natural.execdebug.core was unable to load class com.softwareag.naturalone.natural.execdebug.core.launcher.internal.NatDebuggerLaunchDelegate.
An error occurred while automatically activating bundle com.softwareag.naturalone.natural.execdebug.core (1053).

Windows 10
I think it may be an issue with the installation?

I’ve never seen that error or an error message in that format.

What version of NaturalONE CE did you download and install, the stand-alone, all-in-one 8.3 version, or the 9.1 version for Docker installations? If you downloaded the 9.1 version, did you go through all the steps to set up a Docker account and to download the Adabas and Natural Dev Server Docker images to your computer?

If in doubt, check under the NatONE Designer Help/About for your version number, or check the file name you downloaded. - or - ?

If you installed the 8.3 version, it would help if you could take a screen shot of your Designer, with the Hello World Sample library expanded in the Natural Navigator view. And maybe a 2nd shot of wherever you are getting that error message, your browser page or the NatONE console?

If you installed the 9.1 version and don’t want to learn about Docker, I recommend downloading the 8.3 version and installing it. There isn’t much difference between the 8.3 and 9.1 language versions and the NatONE platforms. 8.3 works fine for a tutorial platform and to learn Natural.


Just re-installed NatONE 8.3 not 9.1, pulled images again seemed to work, thanks

Great! Glad to hear you got the stand-alone 8.3 version running.

I’ve installed NaturalOne and the A/N Docker CE and then started the dockers. Before running the Hello World program, I updated the Natural Runtime Environment as instructed. When I ran the program, I’m getting a ‘Connection failed at port 2700…(Connection refused:connect)’. Any ideas?

I have no experience with the Docker versions, but …

2700 is the default port for the Natural Development Server. NDV is not included in the CE distributions. THey are restricted to a local environment. When you “updated the Natural Runtime Environment” did you try to activate/configure a server environment? This would result in your error.

I still haven’t gotten around to trying out the A/N CE Docker version with NaturalONE, but have looked through the documentation a bit.

Ralph, if you check the download link page you will see a diagram of the environment layout for the Docker version. The NaturalONE 9.1 CE version provided does not include an integrated local Natural runtime module. Instead a Natural Development server is downloaded from the Docker store and runs in a Docker container when started. That NDV connects to Adabas downloaded and running in another Docker container. I think the NatONE 9.1 CE installed on the PC can only connect to the NDV running in the container, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Here’s the link for the diagram:


What do you mean by

Are you talking about the instructions from the pdf doc, A & N Community Edition for Docker, Chapter 10 Establishing the Connection between NaturalONE and the Natural Container? If so, what did you enter in the NaturalONE Runtime Properties?

Did you:

  1. select Use Natural Server ?
  2. Enter the Host Name ? As IP address or just “localhost” ?
  3. Enter port number as 2700?

Did you go through the trouble shooting tips in Chapter 12 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity?

12.1 NaturalONE cannot connect to Natural running in a container

If all else fails, if you just want to learn NaturalONE and the eclipse editor, I suggest downloading the NaturalONE CE 8.3.5 version and install it standalone. The Docker containers just complicate things.

If you mostly want to learn the use of Docker containers, good luck.

Let us know how it goes.

Hi George,

Prior to your response, I did install NaturalONE CE 8.3.5 to see if it would work on Windows 10 (instructions says it’s for Windows 7 and 8). This will do since I only wanted to learn how to use NaturalONE in eclipse.

Thanks for your help.


The store/softwareag/natural-ce:9.1.1 Docker image has an expired licence. It expired 31/12/2019.

Docker container output below:

You accepted the license agreement

function pre_check_license …
License file /opt/softwareag/common/conf/nat91.xml found
License file /opt/softwareag/common/conf/ndv91.xml found
No user specific NATURAL.INI file found, using default
No user specific NATCONV.INI file found, using default
No user specific NATCONF.CFG file found, using default
No user specific SAGtermcap file found, using default
No user specific NATPARM.SAG file found, using default
No user specific NDVPARM.SAG file found, using default
No user specific NSCPARM.SAG file found, using default
[Setting Environment in /opt/softwareag for Adabas Client 6.7 SP0]

Starting up buffer pool at Wed Jan 29 13:00:39 UTC 2020
starting natural bufferpool server with the command
/opt/softwareag/Natural/bin/natbpsrv BPID=natbp
NATURAL/C Buffer Pool 9.1(911) of 08/29/2018 started.
Creation of shared memory completed.
Creation of semaphores completed.
Permanent IPC resources created.
The server process completed successfully.
NATURAL bufferpool server started

Starting up NaturalDevelopmentServer at internal port 2700

Your license for ‘Natural Development Server 9.1.1’ has expired!

NDV started correctly!