Invalid connection properties

Installed Nat One in Win 10 Pro, 1st compile Hellow prog, getting ‘Invalid connection properties’. Whats missing ?

Which version of NaturalONE did you download and install?

The 8.3.5 version, in a file named, about 1,971,481 KB?

Or the newer 9.1.1 version for Docker containers, named something like, and smaller, around 600,000 KB?
Correction! SAG seems to have updated the Docker version to NaturalONE 9.1.2 last October. Not sure about the file name, but probably similar. I would also assume they updated the license expiration date to 12/31/2020.

You can check which version you have inside Eclipse under Help / About.

This thread discussed the same error last year.

I think we finally figured out he had installed the 9.1.1 Docker version, which is a lot more complicated than the old 8.3.5 version. I think he ended up uninstalling the 9.1.1 version and downloading and installing the 8.3.5 version and was never heard from again.

Or maybe he took Ralph’s advice and just downloaded the Natural for Windows CE that is even easier to work with than NaturalONE in Eclipse.

I don’t think anybody has had any luck getting the Docker version to work, and I remember some threads complaining that the Docker Adabas and Natural servers you have to download from Docker have expired licenses and won’t work anyway.

But if the Docker version is what you want, then be sure to read the Getting Started guide at
and follow all instructions exactly. It’s a lot more work with more things to go wrong than the other plain (non-Docker) versions.

So read through that old post, see if anything helps. If not, let us know more details about your install and any progress or changes.

Good luck,