Getting Error Message "Invalid Connection Properties"

Please help me to solve the error “Invalid Connection Properties” .

  1. Installed Community Edition of Adabas & Natural Community Edition for Docker® with NaturalONE.
  2. Created an HelloWorld Program.
  3. Right clicked on the Source, NaturalONE - - - > Update .
  4. Getting a Pop-Up with error Message as “Invalid Connection Properties” .

I also have ADABAS Manager installed in the machine, In addition to Docker Version.

Please help !!!


I am surprised that UPDATE is an available option. The last time I looked at NaturalONE’s Community Edition, it was inactive.

There a several ways to configure (the full version of) Natural ONE.

  • program objects are in Natural libraries on your local machine
  • program objects are in a Natural for Unix, Natural for Windows, or mainframe repository accessed through a Natural Development server

The first configuration is typical of a trial environment in which you play with features to familiarize yourself with them, but you can’t really develop production code.

In the second configuration, to modify an object, it is copied automatically to a temporary ONE project (e.g. from mainframe to your local machine). When modifications are complete, you UPDATE the object. This transfers it back to the repository and SOTWs it there.

The second configuration is not supported by ONE CE. If it was, you could use it in a production environment, and that would be cheating. :slight_smile: