I want to solve the problem "Invalid connection properties ! "

I have not dealt with this issue for a long time, so I hope I am not misleading you.

Your location for “mynat” is set as “< unknown >”. In the context menu for “mynat”, select Properties. Expand the Natural node. Select Runtime. Specify Host name"localhost" and Port number “2700”. Click Apply and Close.

Unfortunately, the problem was not solved. I searched in the natural document, and found that I must download Docker. I installed Docker, and then I downloaded the images in Docker, but when I press the run button in the image, it works and then stops and an error appears. I do not know what This is the problem when running the image. I want to solve this problem and I want to set up an environment

I believe you are testing the Community Edition.
The user guide has a step-by-step explanation that will guide you through the process.
Please follow up on the guide, if the issue persists it would be helpful to get details from the log (you may find the commands in the user guides).