NaturalONE cannot connect to Natural running in a container (Docker)

I have natural and adabas running correctly in containers. However I cannot get NaturalONE cannot connect to Natural running in a container. When trying to run Hello World application I get 404 error.

I have followed this tutorial to the letter:

I have followed the steps in part 12 with no success, any ideas?
I have tried ‘localhost’ and a number of different ports too.

Thanks for clarifying this question is about a Docker CE installation. I’m beginning to wonder if the admins should create a separate forum for CE Docker issues.

Since I haven’t gotten around to creating a Docker installation yet, all I can offer is a dumb question or 2.

The error message 404 complains about not finding the web page, helloworld.html. In the standalone 8.3 version, this file is in the local NaturalONE workspace and is executed from there. Under the Docker version, I think this file has to be built on the Natural server in the Docker container.

Part 10 of the instructions, page 15 says:

“Before you can use the Natural sources in the workspace, you have to catalog them in the Natural runtime environment.
Select the Natural sample project and click the Update icon.”

Since the Natural runtime environment is on the server, this step should create the executable files on the server. I think you should be able to see them if you open a Navigator window for the server.

Good luck getting this to work. If you do, you may become the CE Docker edition expert!