Unable to run Hello-P.NSP

I have downloaded NatOne CE and trying to run the sample helloworld application. When I run the module - ‘Hello-P.NSP’, I get an error message saying - ‘helloworld.html’ file could not be found in the workspace folder under User-Interface-Components.

As I understand, this html file is generated / downloaded from central server when we start the application and is not part of the NaturalOne package we download.

Please correct my understanding and advise how do I get this html file.
Also, the getemplyee.html file is missing.

Note: It is a Win 10 Pro OS. Docker is successfully running linux containers.

I have tried to see if I can get the older version of Natural without docker to download but in vain as this is the way fwd.

Sreekanth Prasad

Hi Sreekanth,

Congratulations on getting Docker and the NaturalOne CE version installed and running. I hope to get around to doing the same in the near future. So I can’t give much advice on how to run the sample programs, but I have one question/suggestion:

Did you run the Catalog/Update process on the sample application library as described at bottom of page 15 and top page 16 of the Adabas & Natural Community Edition for Docker installation guide?
Where it says:


In general,you have to catalog all Natural sources in the workspace inside the Natural runtime environment.

To do so,please select the Natural sample project and click the Update icon.


Sorry, but that’s all I can think of without a Docker installation to experiment on.

Good luck,


I have no idea how you got yourself into your situation. I was able to duplicate the problem by manipulating the workspace directories with File Explorer, something one should never do. (Not an accusation. :slightly_smiling_face:) The html and xml files are generated, so there should be no need even to open the User Interface Components node/directory.

The Hello World application is intended to showcase Natural’s ability to use webpages for input and output. Creating a webpage is relatively simple, but I wouldn’t try fixing one before building a bit of experience with Docker, Natural, and ONE. Rather than regenerating the missing components, I recommend refreshing the application.

  • Delete project NaturalONE Hello World Sample Application, taking the Delete project contents on disk option.

  • Click Help → Welcome

    • Select the Hello World application to restore it.
  • Open the project’s Properties.

    • Natural → Runtime
      • Host name is your IP address (likely same as specified during Docker installation)
      • Port number 2700
  • Project context menu

    • Rebuild Natural Project
  • HELLO-P.NSP context menu

    • Run As -->Natural Application

ps The installation instructions must have been fairly good, seeing as I have it all installed and running, but several times I found myself asking “What does that mean?” or “Where exactly do I do that?” because I had no prior Docker experience.

Hi Ralph - thankyou for the detailed approach.

To update: I got this working on a Win 10 Home edition - HP laptop. In this, the sample applications work perfectly fine.
Then, I had to get this done on a laptop with Win 10 Pro edition for a friend of mine. This is where the problem occurred.
When I executed the sample program, it gave me the error message that the HTML file is unavailable along with the file path.

I then looked at the left pane and found that there were 2 HTML files seen in 1 application instance and the same missing in the second. I then looked at the workspace directory in both the laptop and found the file exists in the first one but missing in the latter.

I have now tried the approach you have advised. Still no luck.

Hope to get this working.

Note: I am trying to share my knowledge and teach a few graduates out of college and only need Natural - ADABAS programming and nothing on docker. . But this being the only way fwd, I am trying hard to get this working.

Sreekanth Prasad

Thanks George. Yes, I have gone by the AN CE guide and tried it to the point.
I am sure it is something very simple and silly that will be the cause of my issue.

I will continue to try looking through any obvious points that I have missed / not covered.

Sreekanth Prasad

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