New technical user setup.. getting errors

I am new to Natural and have created new techical user in Natural. When submitted the job it got errored with
NAT0813 - logon to defualt library not permitted
NAT0856 - invalid logon data
NAT9990 - initialzation failed…

Looks like if NAT0813 error is resolved then both the below error will be resolved…

How to check access for default library for the user ?

The user is defined to Natural Security with a default library, but the user does not have permission to log on to that default library. That user needs to be linked to that library or belong to a group that is linked to the library (if the user is a type “member”, it will have to be in a group to be linked to the library).

For more information, please see the Natural Security documentation -

Also, when posting in future, please include the version of the product you are asking about and the platform (z/OS, Windows, Linux, etc) that you are running on. Some answers will vary depending on this information.