Good day i want to find out hou to get rid off the message on natural when i change to a new library.
Login Accepted to library on linux/unix

Where do you see that message ?

When I log on to a library via the Direct (command) window the logon is performed and I stay in the Command window, when I change the library via the Library list the logon is performed and the list of objects in that library pops up, in neither case do I see a " login accepted" message.

Can you please be a bit more verbose about your environment (Natural version ?) and the steps you take to see that message ?

I use Natural 8.4.1 with Natural sec in linux
When i start my natural session and get in,
on direct i type logon system i get a message in the top left conner that say Logon accepted to library SYSTEM.

Thank you for you assistance
I found the solution to my problem,
There is a bug in the LOGONUS.NGP file that does not suppress logon messages, I have replaced the file with a new one problem is solved.