NAT7734 mapping Natural 9.1.1 NDV under NSC

Did anyone also encounter the error message “LOGON 000 NAT7734 System command cannot be executed when Web I/O is active.” when mapping to a Natural 9.1.1 Development Server running under Natural Security on Windows? I see this error when mapping to that server both from NaturalONE and from Natural Studio. The user is defined in Natural Security and can logon interactively to the same Natural without problem. A Natural trace of the NDV server shows that the LOGON program is executed, but yields the mentioned error. What am I doing wrong? Many thanks.

Are you passing additional parameters to the NDV server from the client?

In this case no, but passing parameters did not make a difference.

is there any STACK in the NATPARM being used?

No, it is simply the default parameter module that was created during installation, which contains an empty STACK parameter. It is a freshly installed NAT/NSC/NDV, including the required post installation tasks and the creation of an additional user (who can logon interactively to Natural without problems). My impression is that for some reason (misconfiguration?) the LOGON fails and tries to pop up the LOGON dialog, which is not possible under Web I/O and raises the error message NAT7734. I see the LOGON program running in the Natural trace, but no evidence why it fails.

Hi Thomas
just a wild guess…
Is there a “menu=on” for the library ?

No, Finn, there is nothing special defined for the private library of the user, just the default settings.

Do the NDV session require a startup script? On Linux, we had to setup a shell script the invoked the setup environment variables, etc. Not sure about Windows… but if you are hitting a startup script, you might have a command in the script that was not expected. Something that require input/output (error message with a Y continue prompt)…

Many thanks for the hint, I’ll check this, but don’t have much hope. I have up set NAT/NDV/NSC successfully on many earlier versions of Natural on Windows and never had to deal with a startup script. Nevertheless, I followed the installation and post-installation docs step by step also this time, double checked the docs and don’t seem to have missed something. Strange.

I did find this note in the documentation:


Thanks for all these hints. Unfortunately none of these cases seems to apply, since a full Natural trace of the NDV server session shows that nothing but the LOGON program is executed, and this yields the NAT7734 error. So it might in fact be rather a support issue.