NATUSER variable does not exist

I would like to know if someone of you could tell me about the NATUSER environment variable that must be created after Natural installations. The thing is that environment variable was not created after that.

Does NATUSER environment variable an mandatory variable? Why does NATUSER was not created after Natural installation?.

The above mentioned event is happening on the Windows platform.

Thanks in advanced

Sounds like you need to open a support request - support should be able to help you resolve the problem.

To report the problem, you should have a description of the environment, steps taken and any error messages encountered.

Hi Douglas,
Sorry I made a mistake, the problem with the NATUSER environment variable was reported after the customer installed the Natural V611 and when he tried to start the first one session. The Natural session require the tnmlib.dll file and that file does not exist into any Natural’s folders.
I already searched into the ServLine 24 and no results was got it.
Have you ever heard the tnmlib.dll file before?


I have never seen a file like that (tnmlib.dll). Exactly how do you get that error/message. Is “tnm” one of your users initials perhaps?

Hi Garry,
I’m afraid the tnmlib.dll file belongs to a third party software called Chaman. I think so tnmlib.dll file not belongs to Natural for Windows. I will try to clarify that situation.