NATUSER - Natural Startup error : 26 Error loading shared library

We are upgrading to to Natural 9.1 Adabas 6.7 on Unix. I followed the make -f Makedyn lib command as instructured. However, what to put in the NATUSER line of the startup. We are on 6.3.8 currently and have a userexit defined under NATUSER as our compiled However the makedyn command does not create .sl files. Is this the related problem? What to use for NATUSER and why the error 26 - Natural Startup error? Any tips?.


the name of the generated library is specified in the USERLIB parameter in your Makedyn.

This usually is a .so for dynamic libraries, and this is what you will need to add to NATUSER.
When you generate a .so you can add either [userlib] or [userlib].so to NATUSER,
both should work, error 26 just tells you NATURAL can’t find the lib referenced in NATUSER.

If you are still using your Makedyn from NAT 6 then you may need to adjust it, either compare it against the sample provided by NATURAL in $NATDIR/samples/sysexuex or send your current Makedyn to me and I’ll caste an eye over it.