Check NATUSER enry in installation assignmnets of local configuration - startup error 26

Hello, we are working on an upgrade from Natural 6.3.8 Adabas 61602 to Natural 9.1 Adabas 6.7 on Unix.

Our existing application uses a userexit that we compiled previously using makedyn. We call it

Now in our new environment, we use the included modules in sysexuex and follow the instructions provided:
make -f Makedyn lib

I am expecting that an object is created that we can use in our NATUSER setting. There are many objects in the sysexuex library for example natuser.h However, I have no clue what object (provided or compiled) to use in our start up script.

All we get now is: Natural v 9.1.1 Natural Starup Error : 26 Error loading shared libary: Check NATUSER entry in installation assignments of local configuration file.

Any assistance appreciated
sagdbn2_status_attempts.docx (349 KB)

Hi, I am replying to my own thread with additional information.
I am still stuck with the error Natural Startup Error : 26

I used the out of the box Makedyn. It generated
The command is make -f Makedyn lib
It generates

I used that in our Natural startup and cannot get around the error. This is on Unix and I checked the permissions. What causes this issue with Natural Startup Error 26? I have all the screen shots through the process in the attached.

Thanks for any guidance
Error_loading_shared_library_writeup2.docx (199 KB)

I have seen this once before, but I don’t have a working example that I can reference. I think you should look at the User-defined libraries parameter in the Configuration Utility.