NaturalONE - "invalid I/O performed on server" when mapping a unix server

Sorry if the subject has already been discussed somewhere in the forum but i didn’t find anything.

I have Sofware AG Designer 10.5 installed on my PC and natural 9 on a remote Unix Server.
NDV is running on this serveur.

When i try to map Natural One with this server, i get the following error message “invalid I/O performed on server”

I wasn’t able to find logs on Win or Unix, but I note, using adaopr on unix, that i can see my profile accessing some Adabas files, so i guess a connexion occurs

Any help is highly appreciate,


are you using Natural Security ?

Errors like this happen, for example, when there is an NSC Logon exit issuing an interactive message.

thanks for your reply,

Indeed, we are using natural security.
So it could be an authorisation issue ?
Is there a way to know what kind of error happend with NSC ?

Sure !

SYSSEC → A (Administration Services) → E (Logon/countersign errors)

I had a look, but the only record i found was me loggin to syssec with a wrong user.

However, i succeed in mapping my environnement by adding
etid=$$ STACK=’(logon LIB user pwd)’
in the session parameters.
must be something somewhere i don’t fully understand yet…

Thank you for your time and your help.

You might want to check if “user” has a default library defined which has a startup-program, if this outputs a map …

Yes, i think that’s the right guess.
we do have a logon map…

Thank you very much for your help !

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