Target Substitutions and Source Values for Jdnc connection


I’ve created a deployment project which executes with success.
But I’m surprised about the Jdbc connection substitution password step.

My Server Dev (SOURCE) has a JDBC connection, and the server Preproduction (TARGET) uses exactly the same connection (same login and password).

After creating the MAP, I did not configure anything in the “Target Substitutions and Source Values” menu to let the Deployer copying the Connection as it, from the SOURCE to the TARGET.

But after the deploying, I had an error. on the Preproduction IS server. Testing manually the Jdbc connection, I can see an Oracle error message telling me the password is empty. (nevertheless I can see the *****).

So, I’ve just reentered manually the password, saved, and… magical, it works.

So the password is not copyied by the Deployer ?
or maybe in the MAP step, I have to force the substitution with exactly the same password ?


Hi Cedric,

please provide Deployer version with Fix-Level.

Can you share the error message?


Try to test the JDBC connection from IS home page.

Provide the complete error message for more investigation. Also provide web-methods version and deployer fix level.

Here are the error messages :

2016-02-04 16:28:47 CET [ISS.0028.0005I] Loading Mif_Oracle_Connection package
2016-02-04 16:28:47 CET [ART.0114.1007E] Adapter Runtime: Error Logged. See Error log for details. Error: [ADA.1.204] Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class "oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource".
ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied
2016-02-04 16:28:47 CET [ART.0118.5036E] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.

Deployer : Patches Applied: DEP_9.8_Fix3
WebMethods IS : Version Updates IS_9.8_Core_Fix4

Krishna, as I’ve tried to explain : once the deployment finished, I could manually test that the connection was OK.
But I had to reentering the password in the Connection JDBC form.

The only thing is not OK, is the fact that the Deployer seems to not have transmitted the password from SOURCE to TARGET.
That’s why the error message says : ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied


you said that you have tested manually. How you tested? through IS?

Yes, through the IS Preproduction on which the connection Jdbc has been automatically copied.

After having manually changed the password, I’ve just ckicked on the “No” link, and the connection has been established (link shows now Yes).

Of course, I’ve rollbacked my deployment. Because, I need a Deployment project that works without any error and which copy correctly the Jdbc password.

Hi Cedric,

I usually avoid deploying connections for several reasons.

I have a separate package for connections and they are created manually on each instance.

In the Deployment set I mark the references to the connections as “Exists”.


Thanks for the tip, I keep it by my side.

Few hours ago, I’ve redeployed my packages with creating a substitution of my password Jdbc connections (exactly same new password). And it works :slight_smile:

So I suspect an issue on the Deployer (or maybe there is any encryption explanation).

Thanks for your help.

Hi Cedric,

most likely the Deployer does not create the password handle in the target server when the password is not explicitly mentioned in the substitutions.

Therefore the password cannot be found when enabling the connection.


Hi Holger,

It’s not a problem now I know that have to enter the password for the substitution step.

Thanks for your help

Hi Cedric,

nice to see, that we’re not the only ones who have this problem! :smiley:

See Empower: JDBC connections cannot be deployed, variable substitution fails

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a fix for it. In fact, we also substitute the passwords during deployment in our deployment map.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan,
So I will do too 8)