Tamino could not seen in the menu... urgent

Previously i have installed Tamino 2.3 and it was very fine. i could able to explore all the features like interactive interface, schema editor, Tamino Server etc.

Now i have unstalled old version and installed Tamino 3.1 on win2k prof, installation was successful but i am not able to see any of the tools like tamino 3.1, schema editor,interactive interface etc. What got installed perfectly is only Tamino Software AG Technology(System Management Hub). What do think could be the problem? I have installed and uninstalled so many times but all my efforts are invain.


I did a small mistake while installation when i started installation it went on for 10 minutes later it has prompted to restart the system, so i restarted and again Tamino installation has started. I thought that it has started installing Tamino for second time bcoz it has prompted me that you are using 128mb ram and exited the setup that is the reason i couldnt see Tamino in the menu.

others dont repeat this mistake …