Problems with Tamino Manager

i have installed Tamino on Windows 2000 Professional(client+server on one machine) and there is a problem: when i starting Tamino Manager and expanding Host object then i see there only System Management Hub object and there is no Tamino object. so i cannot do anything with this.
Is it means that Tamino Server stopped?..

If the installation was correct, you should see a Tamino Branch in the Tamino Manager. Either Tamino is not installed correctly or the Tamino Manager can not find it.

You can do a quick check if Tamino is installed correctly by starting the “welcome to Tamino” application. If it works, you know that Tamino is up and running.

If not, I would recommend deinstalling and installing again. Watch here for error messages.

If you still have the problem You can check the *Inst.log files in the %TEMP% directory, where Tamino logs the installation. And/or contact your local Software AG support and provide the log files.