Tamino manager in Starter Kit???

I’ve downloaded the latest Starter Kit for Tamino and I cannot find the Tamino manager to create new databases. What can I do to continue the evaluation? All other components are there ( XQUERY, X-Plorer, etc.)

Hello there.

Assuming that you did a standard installation (meaning that you accepted all the defaults during the installation procedure), you should be able to access the System Management Hub via HTTP:

It should also be possible to access from a remote machine by substituting the hostname/IP address.

On Windows the setup routine normally creates a shortcut like this:

   "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"  -nohome http://localhost:9991/smh/login.htm

You can login using the user/password that you used to install Tamino, then define/modify administrators as necessary using the SMH.
(If you installed on Windows, use the Domain\Username that you used for the installation.)

I hope that helps!

Hello there,

Hope your Problem is solved with revors hints!

If not,
did you have any problems during the installation? I have to cases where the relevant component of the Manager did not install properly.

Please check if all services of Tamino are started properly. They can be identified in the list of Services by there names, they all start with “Software AG …”.

Are you using apache or MS IIS?

Let me know the stauts,



Hello there,

please check
Installation error starterkitif this solves your problem. We had two cases where installation of the Manager part failed for this reason.