Tamino Schema Editor wont start v3.1.2.1

We have installed Tamino v3.1.2.1 on a Win2k server where v2.3.1.1 is also installed.
When we try and run the Tamino Schema editor we get a java error titled “Jave Virtual Machine Launcher” with an error of “Could not start the main class: Program will exit”.
We have Microsoft JVM 3805 installed, and we have done the same thing on another server with no problems.
We have noticed that the Tamino WebDAV service is not running on the machine that has the problem. Also, the machine that is having the problem has a number of MS security patches applied where the other one doesn’t.

Can anyone help me with this? :confused:

Can you start another GUI Tool of Tamino (e.g. Tamino X-Plorer) ?
The Tamino X-Tools do not use MS JVM. Tamino installs the JVM of Sun Microsystem.
You can find this JVM after Tamino Installation in the directory “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG\jre 1.3” (on the condition that you used the default settings of Tamino Insatllation).
In the directory “C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\X-Tools\Tamino Schema Editor” you can find the command sript to start the Tamino Schema Editor: inoschema.cmd
Please check, if the classpath and the path of the JVM are correct.
In a next step, modify the commad script file to get more information.
Replace “javaw” with “java” and remove “start /b”.
Now start the command script. You will see a “DOS-box” and hopefully more information why the Tamino Schema Editor does not run.