Installed 3.1.1 - Now Tamino is not accessible and ....

The system management hub does not show the new version. Any idea why, do I need to uninstall and reinstall?

Any idea why? Also the documentation for installation was inadequate as far as what you should do if you are upgrading from 2.3.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
Can't connect to server on host localhost at port 3210, TCP error code 10061.

Hi there,

Have you check that all necessary daemons are started?

Have you checked that you have entries in the /etc/hosts fors SAGXTSDShost and port?

Are you sure that there is nothing else which may be listening on required port?

These things are worth checking just in case.

Kind regards,


Who’s Daemon, was he included in my software package and what would he be listening for?

I will have the local SAG rep come and install this.

I uninstalled the previous version of Tamino and installed 3.1. When I tried to open the old DB that I saved from the old version it would not let me.

I have figured out how to configure the server. Also you should note that when setting up it will ask you about which server will handle the name resolution for your tamino server, you should have the IP address handy ;-).

Knute Hestness