Problem in installation part

After look the documentation on how to install tamino 2.2.1 I try to install it to my PC. but, when I reach to the step ENTER SYSTEM HUB PORTS, what suppose I do? for HTTP and TCP/IP configuration. Is it the server IP address?
Please reply to me as soon as possible, because I have to install it urgently. thanks a lot.

best regards,

Siti Salmah Md Kassim

Hello Siti,

Tamino v2.2.1 is very old now and no longer supported by Software AG, and would recommend v3.1.2.1 at least. To answer the question the values it is asking for are for the system management hub, i.e. for the Tamino Manager. It should suggest some port values. If you have some services on your machine that is already using the suggested values then change them otherwise simply take the defaults.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.