System management hub events layer service for Tamino 9.7

Hi All,

I have a freshly installed Tamino server 9.7. I try to migrate the databases from 8.2 to it and they works fine. 

However, when I try to use the "argbatch" command to perform the backup, it complains about the "System management hub events layer service" is missing. I look for it in the Windows service and it is not there. For past editions like 4.4 or 8.2, it is installed as service. It seems missing for version 9.7. I have installed the whole web method packages but it is still not present. 

I find the backup jobs are completed actually but just want to know if the missing of the events layer service can cause any problem. Is there any chance that I can install it for version 9.7? Thanks.

The service names for SHM used with Tamino 8.2 are “Software AG CSLayer Service” and “Software AG EventLayer Service”. For the SMH used with Tamino 9.7 there is only one service with the name “Software AG System Management Hub 9.6”.

So if you get the message “System management hub events layer service is missing” it looks like a mixture of new and old SMH is used. Maybe the reason is that the argbatch commans is issued on a machine where the old SMH is used and the target is a machine with the new SMH.

Thank you for your reply! My server is a newly installed one. I just don’t know the service “Software AG System Management Hub 9.6” has replaced the “Software AG EventLayer Service”. I find this service and I think it should be the hostname problem then. I have edited the “hosts” file to add the IP and host name mapping and it seems OK now. Thank you very much for your information.