Failed to start Event Service

I installed Tamino v3.1.1.5 on HP-UX 11i(64bit). I created and started db successfully.
Then, I installed Tamino v4.1.4.2. Because I wanted to use both Tamino v3115 and Tamino v4142.
After installing, System Management Hub Events Layer Service(argevsrv daemon).
Can anybody tell me if it is available to use both Tamino v3115 and Tamino v4142.

Thanks and regards,
Ju-young Heo


For the upgrade installation from Tamino 3.1.x to Tamino on HP-UX there is indeed a problem with starting the argevsrv daemon after the upgrade has finished. However it is possible to workaround this by removing the library $SAG/ino/v3115/lib/ You should than be able to start the argevsrv daemon without problems. The only adverse effect will be that you won’t be able to use the “Autostart Database” feature on version Databases. Autostart with Databases will work fine though.

Bjoern Brauel