syshelp utility

We are just installed Predict 4.1.2 and Natural 3.1.6.
We are now using construct 4.3.1 for help-text managment to interface with our maps in natural application.
We would like to convert, maybe, to using the new feature of SYSHELP in PREDICT instead of CONSTRUCT help-text.
Is there someone that is already using SYSHELP ?
Is it a good way to document the application for user interface functionnalities ?
Is there a way to migrate our help-text in construct to SYSHELP in PREDICT ?

Thank you for your interest in that question.

One possibility is that you can us the Construct utility CSHUNLD to unload the Help text from Construct. You

We have to convert our Construct help-text because we won’t install Construct with the next release of Natural 4.2.5. We don’t buy the licence for the future.

It’s a good suggestion to unload with CSHUNLD and reload with USR3005N.
But, is it possible to have the format of the file that is generated by CSHUNLD ?
I don’t know the USR3005N and I don’t find any documentation about this API, is it exist with the version 4.1.2 of PREDICT and version 3.1.6 of Natural ?