Migration from OpenVMS to UNIX (HP or SUN)

We are migrating a number of application from OpenVMS to Unix and are looking for help in what are the pitfalls and other traps we must be aware of.

Natural v 3.1.1 to Natural 2006

Thanks for your assistance.

I’m currently doing a conversion from NAT 2.1 (all report mode !) to 6.1, having a fair share of incompatibility problems, but you should be fine there because 3.1 is already “common (OpenSystems) codebase”, afaik.

One problem area is, of course, workfile and printer handling.

The applications I am converting use

  • operating system functions (copying files, sorting, …) extensively via NATDCL, watch out for those (via SHCMD in V3.1, I assume).

    OpenVMS “globals”, manipulated from inside NATURAL, environment variables on *IX work way different.

We got a similar discussion here:

I know that Linux is not Unix. But maybe you can find some interesting hints.